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Experience a once-in-a-lifetime cruising experience on India’s Himalayan rivers with Assam Bengal Navigation.


Assam Bengal Navigation is an Indo-British company best known for pioneering river cruising in India with its award-winning river cruises that now rank among the world's best, in tow with the Amazon, Nile, Mekong, Yangtze and European river cruises.


Journeys through Assam


"Among the world's top 10 adventure cruises"


Assam, which literally means ‘a peerless land’, is the gateway to Northeast India. With its blue rivers that often resemble the sea; green mountains that are home to leopards and elephants; and swathes of aromatic tea gardens forming the world’s largest tea-growing region, it’s easy to understand why this state is a very special place on earth.

Blessed with seven national parks and 18 wildlife sanctuaries, Assam is home to the world’s largest population of the Indian one-horned rhino, wild Asiactic water buffalo and eastern swamp deer as well as one of the world’s highest densities of the Royal Bengal tiger. The state is also the natural habitat of more than half of the 1200 varieties of birds recorded in the entire Indian subcontinent - a resounding testimony of Assam’s place among the world’s richest biodiversity zones.


Journeys through Bengal

"Among the world's 40 best cruise holidays"

The Guardian UK

Like most great civilisations around the world, life sprung up on the banks of mighty rivers. India is no exception, and lower Ganges (or Hooghly) river cruise is the perfect way to experience that in luxury. There is tremendous history, culture and rural life to be witnessed along these banks in Bengal, affording discerning travellers with untouched, unspoiled and unfiltered glimpses into rural India.

In the stretch just outside of Kolkata alone, one passes through erstwhile colonial settlements, belonging to the Dutch, Danish and the French; small towns and villages with some of the most beautiful terracotta temples in the region; and lush, green ruralscapes. Besides being a life-giving force of nature, it’s not uncommon to find people bathing in the latte-coloured waters of the Ganges, and offering flowers and lit oil clay lamps whilst in prayer.

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